Saturday, January 26, 2008

Top 25 Things

I am excited to be writing this blog today for several reasons! I hope to stay in touch with my sister, write down plans, and keep a log of events that I may otherwise forget one day (not on purpose!).

The author of Chicken Soup for the Soul advises that the best way to make a plan/hope/dream/ become realized is to write it down.

So, my Top 25Things I would like to accomplish (in no particular order):

1) Get this Blog up and going! In the hopes that my sister and I can share more.

2) End the quarrels over whose is the favorite church, choose one by faith and become a faithful member.

3) Return to spending time in Bible Study each day (15-20) minutes. I have a Beth Moore to return to!

4) Family engaged in Bible Study each day together.

5) So, I've planned the Savings, but have not seen it grow. Grow the savings: My goal is $25,000 in four years.

6) Begin Career planning with Amber and Nic. Hannah will be added in August.

7) Scrapbook with my daughters once a month.

8) Send those Thank you notes I keep "thinking"!

9) Travel to spend time with my Sister and her Family & my Aunt.

10) Shop with my daughters once a month.

11) Continue to teach my children how to cook.

12) Update the kiddos rooms.

13) Start a Christmas savings account.

14) Go hiking at a state park.

15) Vacation in a cabin at a state park in Kentucky.

16) Revive my Precious Moments collection by adding to my collection and begin a collection for my kiddos.

17) Learn how to sew simple projects.

18) Take long walks when the weather allows.

19) Play basketball again with my family.

20) Travel to New York with someone I love.

21) Learn how to play the piano (with my children)

22) Learn how to play the guitar (with my children).

23) Take my son fly fishing so he can teach me how its done.

24) Take my girls shoe shopping for the fun of it.

25) Learn how to make quilts.